Using Webinars in Marketing Your School (podcast #50) with @schneiderb

Definition of School Marketing:
“Get ideal families to know, like and trust you to build loyal ambassadors for your school.”

As I mention in this episode, Brendan was one of the very first guests of the School Marketing Podcast, sharing that interview space with Dr. Rick Newberry. [Note: the link to that episode is listed in the Action Steps below – but please, keep in mind that it was a long time ago and our inaugural adventure into the world of podcasting, so please listen with a lot of grace!]

So it was only fitting that I have one of them back for the 50th episode of the podcast. Brendan agreed to do it.

** After recording the episode, I sent Brendan a thank you mug for being the Golden Anniversary guest! **

Using Webinars in Marketing Your School (podcast #50 with @schneiderb)

In this episode, Brendan Schneider, Director of Financial Aid and Admission at Sewickley Academy, shares their experience with using webinars in their marketing system. I love this innovative approach! If you are hesitant about trying new things like webinars, remember one of the things that Brendan shares in this interview: “Try it!”

Episode length: 59 minutes

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These are two tips that simplify my Facebook content strategy

When I am looking to optimize my content management strategy, productivity is important.

In our online content strategy, I am looking for content that is valuable to you (our audience), inspirational, insightful and instructional. When I am not creating content on our website or School Marketing Podcast, I curate content from around the web. I discover resourceful articles via:

  • Twitter (I use Hootsuite to management this application; also love the way I can set up streams of specific content that I am searching for; basically whenever someone tweets content with my identified keywords, it automatically show up in the pre-set stream)
  • Pinterest (I rarely look at recipes or decorating tips, but I love this tool for searching for great ideas for schools – we have over 60 boards and close to a 1000 pins….all to help you market your school).
  • Facebook (while I love Facebook for connecting with friends, I also find it a gold mine for great content).

Regarding the latter, here are 2 videos that show you how I use these two productivity tips on sharing great content that I find when I am on Facebook.




These are two secret tips that simplify my Facebook content strategy

Blogging as a Marketing Tool (podcast #49)

Excited to share with you an interview with two representatives from Strengthening Christian Schools, whose concept is to build a community of experts in a range of fields, all of whom are passionate about getting every Christian school to the next level.

In this interview, I spend a few minutes with SCS Co-Founder, Mike Vander Berg, where we talk about the purpose of the SCS, the upcoming conference in California (where I will be delivering the keynote address), and on new effort to provide virtual classes to help Christian school administrators.

In the latter part of the episode, Lisa Gutknecht, also with SCS, gives you powerful tips on using a blog for marketing your school.

Episode length: 1 hour, 12 minutes

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Strengthening Christian Schools: Setting Up for Social Media Success (Randy Vaughn, Instructor)

I’m excited to have been asked to be the instructor for “Setting Up for Social Media Success” via Strengthening Christian Schools Classes. This 4-week course will ensure churches, ministries and Christian schools install an effective social media system. These virtual sessions will be conducted on Monday nights, 7pm CT, on May 4, 11 and June 1, 15.  Each class will last about 60 minutes.

SESSION 1: Essential elements of a social media system

In the first session, we will example the essential elements of a social media system, learning how to develop the right kind of content that ensures consistent engagement.

SESSION 2: How to choose the best tools, channels and platforms to use for your audience

In session two, you will learn how to choose the best tools, channels and social media platforms to use for your audience (members, donors, parents, AND prospects).

SESSION 3: How Christian Schools/Ministries should be using Facebook (and why it is still the best tool)

In session three, we get very practical and discuss how to use your Facebook page to communicate to current members/families as well as showcase evidence to prospectives.

SESSION 4: Visual Content Strategy

In session four, we will explore having a powerful visual content strategy on social media. We will examine best practices for how churches, ministries and Christian schools can use photos and videos on Instagram, Pinterest, Vimeo/YouTube and even Facebook and Twitter.

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