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5 tips to help kids safe and responsible online (a great new article from @cksyme)

Chris Syme, Owner/Partner, CKSyme Media Group, is an outstanding resource for crisis communication and social media safety.  In a previous post, we highly recommend Chris’ book on using social media in the midst of a crisis.

In a recent post, Chris presents 5 tips to help parents navigate the world of social media here in 2014 (although I don’t usually like the date my articles, it is only fitting to affix a date to an article about social media so future readers will know from what year we are talking about an ever-changing landscape).


  1. Establish boundaries and guidelines
  2. Stay current on what’s going on in the social media world
  3. Be aware of how social media is used for cyber harassment, and educate
  4. Offer social media classes for parents and students at all ages
  5. Consider establishing a “No-Cell Zone”

Click here to read the full article with a full explanation of each of the 5 tips from Chris Syme (@cksyme)

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5 tips on marketing your Christian school events with social media

Your school is never at a loss for events to post about on social media. Just keeping up with posting these events will keep your social media team on their toes!

Here are 5 tips to marketing your school events more efficiently and with the greatest social impact:

  1. Use Hashtags – whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or especially Instagram, Read More→
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As part of our “Inspiration & Faith Series”, we were inspired about this post we saw on Facebook recently.

The Bible says we need to impress His word on our hearts.  Think we can all agree she understands that message and we love her spirit.

Watch the video below:


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School marketing podcast #36: Who Are The Marketing Twins? (Our Story)

It’s SUMMER . . . but it is almost time for school to start again! For some private schools, school begins mid-August which is now just a little over a month away. The fall marketing season will be in full swing in less than two months and that is not the time to start scrambling, trying to figure out what to work on.

In this episode, we talk about 5 essential marketing tools you need to have launched and ready to go.

See our shownotes at the conclusion of this post.

Launch your platform! Get your blog started in 15 minutes or less with this quick video tutorial.


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