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School marketing podcast #31: Part 2/3 – 9 Steps to Marketing Your Christian School

This is the 2nd of a 3-part series called “9 Steps to Marketing Your Christian School.”

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In this episode of this series, we will address the CONTENT component of the 9 steps, which includes steps #5 and #6. You will learn:

  • Content must build trust and content can educate prospective families (and existing families, too)
  • Where to engage online – how to “be everywhere” but also doing it well!

See our shownotes at the conclusion of this post for details, links, and other resources that we may have mentioned in this episode.


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Better Magazine Advertising Practices for Christian Schools

As your marketing and admission season ramps up, you will likely place advertisements in local magazines and newspapers (and for some of you, you may also pay to advertise on Facebook as well.)  Here are 5 tips to make your advertising more effective: Read More→

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Christian School marketing podcast #23: Hashtags: Using the # sign in marketing

Hashtags are the rage on Twitter, Instagram and even Facebook (and yes, they are available on other platforms as well).  There are alot of you out there who are still confused about what hashtags are or even how to use them effectively within social media or your printed materials.

Listen to our podcast on hashtags and enjoy the first minute or 2 if you’re a fan of Jimmy Fallon or Justin Timberlake!


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4 Ways to Make School Sports Moments a Social Media Marketing Event at your Private / Christian School

The following is a guest article I wrote for – an awesome site for exploring the role of social media in schools!

In addition to the article below, here are the additional posts I have written for them in the past:

In the most recent article, I take a look at schools and social media during a Friday night football game.  Written in September, this is timely, but honestly, the themes and practical suggestions have implication during any sport any time of the year.

Explore 4 ways you can and should be capturing the Friday night sports moments at your school.

READ THE FULL ARTICLE, “Friday Night Football – A Modern Mobile Marketing Marvel”

Related Bonus:  You may also want to share with your athletics director “The Student-Athlete And Social Media” from my online colleague, Shane Haggerty (@ShaneHaggerty).

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