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Should our Christian school's domain name be .com or .org?

In the post-secondary market, most colleges and universities are registered as .edu.  However, for the rest of you in other schools in the U.S., what domain name should you select for your school?  Should your school select .com, .org, or even .net?  Or something else?

Let’s look at a few examples: Read More→

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SCHOOL MARKETING PODCAST: Schools & PR: Case Study from a Student Protest Gone Right with guest, (@vedo) Richie Escovedo

In the continuing pursuit of on-demand content for school administrators, admissions professionals and marketing and communication directors for private schools, we launch the next episode of the school marketing podcast.  In this episode, I talk with Richie Escovedo, Director of Media and Communications for the Mansfield ISD.  You’ll hear Richie share ideas of “aggressively monitoring the conversation” and “growing bigger ears.”  I think you’ll learn alot from this case study from a “student protest gone right”!  As well, hear Richie share practical tools on using social media in the education world and how some of the roles and functions of the PR professional relate to positions on a baseball team.

Twitter:  @vedo


Richie’s Suggested Twitter Hashtags:  #HAPPO, #HAPPODFW (Dallas/Ft.Worth), #PR20chat, #prstudchat, #prsa

BIO:  Richie is a communications/PR professional with experience in educational and non-profit settings. He specializes in communication planning, branding and identity, community engagement, and media relations.

This husband and father of two from Fort Worth believes in education and the integral need for effective and open communication. Richie is also focused on helping blossom the social media interest and network within the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Click on the “+” sign below to play the 25-minute episode.

SCHOOL MARKETING PODCAST: Schools & PR: Case Study from a Student Protest Gone Right with guest, Richie Escovedo



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In marketing your school, you must consider how the approach to education is an attractive element for prospective families.  Many families are hungry for something unique, something that they will not find in the typical public education system.

Whether or not you agree with this being the future of education, it is worth a look simply to challenge your school’s view of the educational model and paradigm to which you subscribe.

Click the video below to watch 13 minutes of paradigm shifting:


This animate was adapted from a talk given at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert and recipient of the RSA’s Benjamin Franklin award.

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This is an interesting concept – introducing social media at a young age!  (if the player is not visible on your mobile device, you can watch it here on Vimeo.)

If your school is not yet tweeting, consider this outstanding read from Brendan Schneider: 31 Ways Independent Schools Can Use Twitter.

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