Here are some tools and tips to managing your school's online reputation

Who determines your school’s online reputation? Do you control this? What about those things said about your school online?

Managing your school’s online reputation requires diligence, not just a casual glance from time to time. You spend thousands of hours and dollars to project your school’s perfectly crafted brand messaging, attempting to communicate your school’s value with the needs of prospective families. But do you have control over all that is said?  In one fell swoop

Here are 3 common areas where negative comments can affect your online reputation:

  1. Online Review Sites – whether it is, your Google listing, or perhaps some other site like Yelp, people have a forum to say pretty much whatever they want Read More→

School marketing podcast #35: John Jantsch Pt 2 of 2 - guest interview with @ducttape #ducttapeselling

I’m so excited to finally have the opportunity to interview John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing! John has been a marketing mentor of mine since I was invited to join the global network of Duct Tape Marketing consultants in 2007. At the time of this episode (May 2014), John is launching his 4th book, “Duct Tape Selling: Think Like a Marketer, Sell Like a Superstar“. When I heard John was going to be launching this book, I reached out to him and asked if he would join me for this podcast and he graciously accepted.

I know that many in the Admissions community may not enjoy thinking of themselves as “selling”. I do not pretend to equate what you do with that of a traditional salesman, I do think there is a similar function inside the organization. One premise of John’s book is that any disconnect or tension that has previously existed between sales and marketing, should no longer keep a business, nonprofit or school from adopting a new look at marketing and sales. In many schools, you may wear every single hat of communication, online presence, admissions and PR. But in many schools, the marketing arm is run by board members, the web/IT folks, a group of volunteers or a conglomerate of all of these players (where everyone considers their job as “marketing” yet no one is talking to the other!)


My interview was so good that I decided to split this interview into a 2-part series so we could continue our unique 14-minute/29-second podcast format. In this second episode (see a link to the first episode, #34, in the shownotes below), John talks about:

  • Content marketing – not just trying to be a world famous blogger or publisher, but to create content that your target market needs
  • Listening – understanding what concerns them and knowing how to create content to address issues they don’t know to ask
  • Platform – John closes with a suggestion for what could be a powerful tool in the communication platform of those in leadership

See our shownotes at the conclusion of this post for details, links, and other resources that we may have mentioned in this episode.

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Online Course - Understanding the Basics of Twitter
Welcome to the School Marketing Academy

Are you frustrated that while you understand Facebook, you know nothing about Twitter? You have teenagers or college students on Twitter or maybe your head of school is asking you to learn how to use Twitter but you are nervous about trying to make sense of it.

This course was designed for the beginner in mind. We walk you through understanding the basics of Twitter from creating an account to sending out your first tweet. In this course, we focus of the visual side of learning Twitter through the use of several “how to” videos that will help feel comfortable with this social media tool.

Click on the “Course Preview“above to see if this course is right for you.

Then . . .

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How to use a school talent show to attract students - Marketing ideas for Private Christian Schools

We live in a world culture where talent has never been more on display. Fans love “The Voice”, still go nuts about “American Idol” and “Britian’s Got Talent” videos are shared all over Twitter and Facebook.

Here are 3 reasons we  love watching talent shows.

  • INNER ENVY – we all watch because we have this inner star in all of us that wonders what it would be like to “make it big”
  • SIMPLE TIMES – while today’s TV culture can sometimes be raunchy and rowdy, talent shows remind of us simpler times when we could sit down as a family and watch good talent without having to be graphic, crude or over-the-top to grab our attention.
  • UNDERDOG FAN – we all cheer for the underdog, the individual or group who seems (on first appearance) to have no change at stealing our vote (Susan Boyle is the perfect example)

Yes, they can be huge marketing events for you as well – here are 4 ways to effectively market your school via your talent show Read More→