Why your HOS should have a podcast - part 2 of 2 (podcast #48)

In this follow-up episode, the second in a 2-part series, we will explore the WHY behind having a podcast. Once you get past the barriers to entry (which we address in episode #47), we discuss 5 very important reasons why you should have a podcast. This can be applied to the Head of School for sure, but also include anyone in leadership such as an Athletic Director, Principal, or even a Student Leader.

Take action on items in this episode of the School Marketing Podcast (length – 14:29):


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Why your HOS should have a podcast - part 1 of 2 (podcast #47)

In this first of a 2-part series on podcasting, I address some of the concerns about having a podcast. We try and tear down the barriers to entry so that you will see it as a valuable tool to substantiate your leadership, increase your influence and offer current and prospective families an opportunity to hear your voice!

Take action on items in this episode of the School Marketing Podcast (length – 14:29):


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Strengthening Christian Schools Conference - California - Randy Vaughn - Keynote

I am so excited to share the keynote address at the Strengthening Christian Schools Conference in Ontario, California (just outside of LA) on June 18-29, 2015. The title of my address is “The Impact of Social Media for Christian Schools.”

This is more than just how to use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to market your school. This is a “bigger picture” address, hopefully allowing me to speak about how social media has transformed our families, our students and our schools. The following is the outline of my address:

1. Historical Rise in Changing Communication
  • How parents participate and how it has changed their family
  • How students have contributed to the rise and fall of different platforms
  • How schools are missing the opportunity to influence, inspire and inform

2. The Dangers of Social Media

  • How students’ obsession with likes/followers can be harmful to their identity
  • How parents’ oblivion to social media damages their home discipleship
  • How schools’ overt self-promotion ruins the organic nature of social networking

3. The Opportunities of Social Media

  • How students communicate now and how they likely will communicate in their post-secondary future as graduates/donors
  • How parents need to be inspired before they are informed
  • How schools tell stories, communicate their unique brand, and how social media fits in your marketing plan

Register to attend a number of practical sessions on the following tracks:
  • Board Governance Track
  • Development Track
  • Leadership & Innovation Track
  • Marketing & Enrollment Track
  • School Improvement Track
  • Teaching & Learning Track
  • Technology Track


St. Patrick Inspiration: Embrace the Mission of God


This week, we are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, an unusual holiday with all of it’s weird traditions (who likes getting pinched?)

But rather than focusing on those odd things, my wife and I have focused our conversations with our 4 kids on the historical account of Patrick himself. It’s a pretty fascinating story. In this video, I share some inspiration that we have found from looking at the life of a man who suffered greatly, but learn to hear the voice of God and embrace His mission.

Inspiration #3: Patrick the Missionary from yourschoolmarketing on Vimeo.

from Randy Vaughn – insights from the life of Saint Patrick, missionary to Ireland. Learn to hear the voice of God and embrace His mission.


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